Why Our Customers Love Us


Why Our Customers Love Us - Canadian Gemological Identification Labs

At Canadian Gemological Identification Labs, we prioritize customer service and satisfaction. To let you know just how much we’re committed to your happiness, here’s what a few delighted customers had to say about us:


“Phenomenal work! I was recommended by my insurance company. I've got my late father's estate jewellery appraised, the process took a while but it was well worth it. Mike took his time to explain each and every aspect of the jewellery I provided. He explained clearly what the four C's of diamonds are. He also gave me a rundown of how diamonds are formed. He is a very genuine guy and a book of knowledge when it comes to diamonds. I also had a few rubies and sapphires. He explained that they both came from the same family "Corundum", the only difference is Ruby has chromium content and sapphires have titanium content but it’s still the same chemical composition. It was truly amazing. He also mentioned if I ever need help buying jewellery elsewhere he would be at my service to make sure I get a great deal. Honestly,I did not know these services existed! Michael thank you so much for helping me out. I would highly encourage anybody who wants an appraisal to visit him, his one-on-one consultation is great!”

-Siran Shirinian


“This place, specifically Michael Simonian who conducted the appraisal for my ring, was fantastic! His service was professional, friendly and sincere. Michael took the time to walk my fiancé and me through the details of an appraisal. He even recommended great options to insure our ring and invited us to use his services in the future. I highly recommend this place for any jewelry appraisal. I can't wait to do business with Michael again!”

-Nadia Khan


“It was a very friendly, fast and great service!”

-Ms QB


“Thank you, Michael, for an easy and positive experience. Needed a ring appraised fast and Michael was able to see me as a walk in within 30 minutes of my call. Michael guides you through every detail of a diamond from the colour, cut, weight and clarity. I recommend Michael to anyone who needed their jewelry appraised. Thanks again Michael”

-Dwight D


“Hands down the best jewelry appraiser in Toronto, very thorough and the process was very quick and required only fifteen to twenty minutes, he explained all the different varieties of synthetic and real diamonds, was very educative and definitely worth the money. I got all the documents needed for insurance. I highly recommend him! Thanks, Mike”

-Adam Chow


"It was a pleasure to finally meet someone who was dedicated to the profession and took the time to educate customers. Mike demonstrates a gold standard of care. All my appraisals were done fast, he was very effective and efficient. I highly recommend this experience to everyone. Gold standard in customer service and reliability."

-Kadeem Daleys

For the best in jewellery appraisal services in Toronto, Ontario or the surrounding areas in, like so many others, reach out to the experts at Canadian Gemological Identification Labs. We’re dedicated to providing first-class customer service and want to prove it to you. For more information, please visit our website at www.cgidlabs.com or contact us here.

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